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We Help Control the Flow of Fluids

Whether it is water or other fluids, there is a requirement to control their flow. Unlike solids, fluids don’t stay in one place and have a tendency to flow on their own. This means that their flow needs to be controlled using various methods to achieve our purpose. Liquids are used for various purposes in various places. Water is one fluid that is used in many places for a lot of purposes. The flow and direction of water need to be regulated so that the purpose can be served. For this, there is a need for various kinds of pipes and valves. It is not a layman’s subject to rightly assess the requirements of these fittings and use them aptly.


Watercare Products Pte. Ltd. is a company specialized in the manufacture of various products that regulate and facilitate the flow of fluids. We supply products to store and handle fluids of all types. We supply many products that are useful in a variety of industries. We are committed to ensuring that we supply only products of the highest quality. We wish to become the leaders in the supply of these products by our excellent service to the customers. We have people who are qualified to assess and advise the use of various products for different industries. Our expertise can help many industries in rightly handling the fluids and avoid wastage and damage.


We supply high-quality pressure relief valve to the chemical industries. We supply these valves in different configurations as per the requirement. We offer various models for use in different industries. These are all sturdily built to resist any breakage due to pressure. These valves help to maintain pressure in a system. The valves prevent the development of excessive pressure at the end of the line, preventing damage to the reservoir which receives the liquid. They are also used as back pressure valves to maintain upstream pressure.


A check valve is required to stop reverse flow. In many cases, the liquid is likely to flow in the reverse direction if it faces an obstruction in the direction of its flow. A check valve will prevent the reverse flow thus preventing the build-up of pressure in the reverse direction. Watercare Products supplies both diaphragm and ball type check valves.